Waterbasin Stone

A water feature in a Japanese restaurant

S-Curve Path

A walkway lined with crushed pebbles, and bordered by vibrant sedum ground cover

Dry Rock Arrangement

A minimalistic Japanese stone composition with black pines

Intimate Garden Space

A cedar fence enclosed bluestone boulders, bamboo, camelias and liriope

Moss Garden

Japanese dry landscape garden featuring stones and moss

Courtyard Garden

Comprised of stepping stones and bamboo sleeve fence

Nobedan Path

Traditional layout of residential Japanese garden featuring nobedan path

Japanese Waterfall

Waterfall composed of large boulders of varying sizes and shapes 

Japanese Gate

Decorative Japanese garden gate by Daiku Woodworking leads to an Asher Browne garden

Small Japanese Garden

With a bamboo fence as a backdrop, a simple yet beautiful arrangement

Staggered Steps

Adapting the Japanese garden aesthetic to a set of bluestone steps 

Sheared Azaleas

Paired with this stone wall, a mass of sheared azaleas add texture and clean lines to this section of the garden

Stepping Stone Garden

Stepping stones lead through a moss covered garden

Japanese Entrance Path

A wide, staggered path leading from the driveway to the entrance of the house

Tea Garden Waterbasin

A natural boulder with carved-out hole serves as a Japanese tea garden water basin 

Japanese Garden Detail

Attention to detail makes Japanese gardens stand out

Japanese Garden Bridge

A Japanese garden bridge frames this dry waterfall arrangement

Japanese Garden Pond

Japanese garden pond featuring islands, waterfall and boulder edging

Stone Composition

Traditional Japanese rock arrangment composed of blue stone boulders

Bamboo Grove Path

Blue stone path with bamboo plantings on either side

Evoking Mountains

A Dry boulder arrangment evoking mountains and peaks, with moss plantings

Japanese-style Path

Blue stone path with interest in the details and overall layout 

Entrance Garden

Entrance garden to a home employs adapted Japanese aesthetics

Recirculating WaterBasin

A natural boulder with carved-out hole and recirculating water serves as a focal point

Dry Waterfall

Dry waterfall evoking rushing river through deep mountain passes

Green Granite Steps

A set of green granite steps climbing from one garden space to another

Fern-Covered Hillside

A fern-covered hill offers a quiet effect while walking to a Japanese wooden gate

Enclosed Japanese Garden

A wooden fence and gate enclose a Japanese garden

Japanese Stone Lantern

A granite stone lantern serves as a focal point in a small garden space

Lobby Garden

A long bamboo sleeve fence, lady palm, and water basin are features in this lobby garden

Pine Island

A pine island is one feature in this Japanese garden pond

Japanese Hedge

This privacy hedge creates a strong enclosure for this Japanese entrance garden

Path and Rain Catch

Detail of blue stone path leading to front door with a rain catch on either side

Japanese Stroll Garden

A stepping stones with junction stone at the fork of the path, and bamboo fence

Decorative Water Basin

Serving as a focal point for this serene garden space, a natural boulder with bamboo spout 

Bamboo Screen Fence

This bamboo fence serves as a privacy screen in a location underneath large pines where other planting is a challenge

Bamboo Planting

Bamboo planting, with underground barrier, softens the outside of this structure in an elegant way

Beach Pebble and Path

These stepping stones lead through an area covered with blue beach pebbles

Beautiful Garden Stone

In the foreground of this moss garden, a single large boulder serves as a visual anchor

Japanese Elements

The main features of this small Japanese garden are a custom-made stone lantern and smoked bamboo sleeve fence

Shoe-Removal Stone

From the veranda, one steps onto the shoe-removal stone, and down into the garden

Steps and Landings

A series of granite steps and landings leads from the main garden area to the a secondary landscape space

Azaleas Beneath Maple

A mass of azaleas covers the ground beneath this Japanese maple

Sheared Boxwood

Sheared masses of Korean boxwood adds a crisp feeling to this garden space

Japanese Garden Gate

A wooden garden gate, built by Daiku Woodworking, partitions the entrance garden from the main garden

Japanese Garden Rock

Materials for rock arrangements are chosen for their shape, color, and texture

Large Stepping Stones

These stepping stones are flat and beautiful but also thick enough to build a stable walking path

Maple and Bamboo

The thick bamboo grove provides a nice backdrop for this Japanese maple

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