Asher Browne offers consultations to clients who are ready to begin their landscape project immediately, and to those still in the concept and planning phase of future projects.
Solutions, costs and various approaches are considered, and typically the discussion moves into the design phase.


Our first task is to familiarize ourselves with your inspiration, your aesthetic preferences, the site’s unique characteristics and potential, and the functional requirements. We then draw on our experience and knowledge of Japan’s gardening tradition to create a vision for you.


Our craftsmanship becomes clear immediately as we begin on-site work. First moving and molding earth, then setting stone material and finally planting, our team creates a landscape garden of refined elegance and beauty.

Garden Care

Asher Browne’s experience working in Japan’s most beautiful gardens, some of which are hundreds of years old, gives us a distinct advantage when developing the potential of high-quality gardens. We also provide pruning and garden care services to clients with existing landscape spaces.

Asher Browne Services
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